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Launch Update - Atlumni, the Atlassian Alumni Angel Syndicate

Collage of “Former Atlassian Employees” Results - Dall-E, January 2022

Updates on the Launch

Thanks for supporting our launch of Atlumni - The Atlassian Alumni Angel Syndicate. Atlumni went live one month ago on December the 5th, 2022. We have had tremendous results.

  • 1400+ visits to since the launch 📈

  • 500+ Views of our launch blog

  • 37 Limited Partners (Potential Investors) 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

  • 4 General Partners (Lead Investors) 🤝

  • 1 Active Investment Opportunity 💰

Considering this is a sleepy part of the year, and a niche project, it is quite a result! Pretty amazing since it was all just a thought in early September. We also found a few more companies founded by Atlassian Alumni since launch. The list stands at 85 today. Know anyone we have missed? Please let us know.

New Year, New You? New Job?

Together with the update, we have a few more additions to our Atlassian alumni company job board. If you are looking for work, you may want to have a look at the jobs section of the website as we list company job boards from Atlassian alumni-founded companies. 20 alumni-founded companies currently have open roles, in many functions around the 🌎

If you are interested, just visit our page...

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