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Atlassian alumni Supporting, Promoting & Funding Atlassian alumni.

Can we link the thousands of alumni, their expertise & capital with the next generation of alumni companies trying to build the next big thing?

Atlumni - the Atlassian Alumni Angel Syndicate.


Over 100+ companies have already been founded by former Atlassian staff members.

Atlumni was created during the tech. downturn in September 2022 in order to create a community of former Atlassian staff who could help fund, promote & coach alumni companies - similar to the way alumni from Google, Meta, Lyft, Uber and other organizations already do. We currently have 70+ Limited Partners who work with our 5 General Partners.

Beyond being a collective of former staff members - Atlumni is not affiliated with Atlassian.

Current Investing Opportunities

Former Atlassian Staff and an Accredited investor?

For current opportunities...

Available to Atlassian Alumni

Atlumni - the Atlassian Alumni Angel Syndicate raises funds via AngelList & other platforms.

Any prospective investors who are former Atlassian staff can apply. There is no commitment to invest if you would like to join to become a Limited Partner and get details opportunities.


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