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Have we not answered anything you want to know? If so, please submit questions to the form at the bottom of this page.

Why the name?

The domain was available…and the portmanteau of ‘Atlassian’ and ‘Alumni’ was irresistible.

Are you affiliated with Atlassian?

No. We are simply a crew of former Atlassian employees. 

What is Atlumni’s objective?

You may want to see our ‘About’ section.

I have never worked for Atlassian, so why can’t I invest?

The investment thesis of Atlumni is ‘Atlassian Alumni funding and supporting Atlassian Alumni’. Therefore we are keeping Atlumni closed to former employees. On a practical level, the reason for this is that some of our infrastructure to support companies we have invested in hangs off existing alumni network infrastructure that is not open to the public. 

Atlumni is less than 12 months old & there does not seem to be significant external demand for us to change this. If you perhaps may be interested in joining our deals and you are not a former Atlassian employee, register your interest. If external interest becomes significant, we may reconsider this down the line.

I work for Atlassian, why can’t I invest?

Due to the nature of some of our investments, there could be overlap between whom we decide to invest in and organizations that are currently formally connected to Atlassian - therefore Atlassian employees may have access to insider information which makes Atlassian staff ineligible to participate. You can still however follow us and be a fan. Always happy to have you participate if you ever decide to leave the organization.

I am not a US-accredited investor or my local equivalent, can I still invest?

No. Early-stage investments are high risk, relatively illiquid and the chance of realizing return is low, hence this is regulated for a reason. For example, Crunchbase analyzed 10 years of data to conclude that only 15% of startups that raised seed funding in 2011 have succeeded to exit.

I am an Atlassian Alumni Founder, would you be interested in funding me?

Maybe! We do have a process for reviewing potential opportunities & you can submit your interest here.

I want to join the Atlumni Angel Network, what do I do?
You may want to apply in our invest section & we will send you an invite.
If I request to become a Limited Partner/Investor, what am I committing to?
Up front, financially there is no commitment as a Limited Partner. What you are committing to is to become one of the participants in the angel network & have access to potential investment opportunities. You can choose to invest on an opportunity basis. You will also be enrolled in our internal comms.
Are you accepting other General Partners/Leads?
Yes! We would love to have a handful of General Partners who would complement existing leads. You may want to contact us.

Have further questions?

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