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The Atlumni Syndicate

Atlassian Alumni Angel Syndicate

Atlumni -  Atlassian Alumni, funding and supporting Atlassian Alumni.

Our syndicate network funds alumni-founded companies in the Pre-Seed to Series A stage. Access to the Angel Syndicate is currently open to former Atlassian employees only. Why? There are some explanations in our FAQ section.


By joining the community and becoming a Limited Partner, there is no financial commitment as investing is conducted on an opportunity basis. You can pick and choose the companies where you would like to have your funds directed. We do not pool money in a fund and distribute it across organizations you may not be interested in.

The minimum investment is US$5,000 with no carry or management fees. An upfront administration fee may be charged to cover ongoing yearly taxation reporting. These administration fees will be disclosed on a deal-by-deal basis.

Prospective investors can see available investment opportunities once they have had their application approved and been invited to the network.

Interested in investing?

We have some criteria:

  • The syndicate is open only to former Atlassian employees, therefore we collect a form to validate who you are and send an invite.

  • Angel investing is high risk. Any Atlassian alumni interested in investing will also need to meet accredited investor status or your local equivalent. To pool investor funds and hand over a cheque we use platforms such as AngelList and Carta/Vauban. They will validate your ability to meet accredited investor criteria when you apply to fund a deal - therefore this verification will not be conducted unless you choose to invest in a company.

  • If you choose to become an investor in a company, expect your contact details to be shared with the founder of the company. There is an expectation that you may be contacted by the founder if you have specific expertise that may be called upon as the intention here is to not only hand over a cheque but also establish a network of operators that a founder could call upon if seeking certain expertise.

  • If you apply to become a potential investor (Limited Partner), we will send you an invite to our Atlumni Slack channel within the Atlassian Alumni Slack Group. If you choose to invest in an organisation, a separate group will be created with the company and investors.

Want to stay across investment opportunities and become a Limited Partner? Apply here.

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