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Current Needs

We are looking to speak to current Atlumni Founders,  any Atlumni involved in seed funding or PE investing and ANYONE familiar with the mechanics on how to run a VC or Angel Syndicate. More below...


Also an Atlumni?

Stage: Pre-Seed, Seed & Series A

  • ​Any suggestions on what could be effective for you to tap an alumni network?

  • How could the above be done in a way that is there when you need it but not intrusive?

  • What type of funding would you be looking to raise?

  • What are some bad experiences you've had from raising? What not to repeat?

Stage: Post Series A or Private

  • This type of funding vehicle is not targeted to provide funds to your company, however would you be willing to provide mentorship?

  • If so, what type of mentorship vehicle would not waste your time but still let you share some advice when needed to be called upon.


Seed or Private Market?

Are you an Atlumni already active in private market or seed investing?

If so, we would like to understand some of the following:

  • Where are you located?

  • What type of deals have you completed? 

  • How involved have you been in mentorship? If so, any suggestions on what could be effective here.

VC/Angel Wiz?

We need help!

We need help with what could work with fund structuring.

Looking to understand what would be best structure for creating a closed investment fund or angel syndicate targeted for an alumni network.

Current wish list:

  • Global availability

  • Low or ideally no cost.

  • Individual investment contributions as low as US$1000

  • No US accredited investor requirements

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