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HITMKR - A SaaS Music collaboration & marketplace platform.

Atlumni - The Atlassian Angel Syndicate is raising funds for HITMKR

We are participating in the pre-seed bridge round for HITMKR. If you are a former Atlassian Employee who may be interested in investing in the company, please apply to join our syndicate on AngelList. We will then provide access to the investor deck & deal terms hosted on AngelList so you can get more information before proceeding. The raise closes on January 12th, 2023 with a minimum investment of US$5,000. Atlumni is community focussed, therefore no carry & ongoing management fees apply.


Company Background

Atlassian ATX Alumni, Vu Ho, started HITMKR as a marketplace to transact beats, and sound engineering time in September 2021. The marketplace had traction when accepted into the Antler accelerator program. During the program, HITMKR decided to extend the music marketplace platform and pair it with a collaboration platform for music creators (Launched in July, 2022). HITMKR is now a place where you can find music, pair it with the right people to work on it & iterate on a track until it is complete.

Since company inception in September 2021, HITMKR has raised US$310,000 in funding (Crunchbase).

Most music created today is iterated upon using consumer tools such as SMS, chat, email & cloud storage. These solutions can be problematic, slow, and error-prone. HITMKR is working to move all of this collaboration online into a SaaS platform so all stakeholders have one place to work. Collaborators on a track can extend it by reaching into the HITMKR marketplace for further musical artifacts (beats, loops, etc) or services (engineering & production time) from other creators selling these offerings on the platform.


Business Model/Traction
HITMKR currently has two forms of revenue.

  • Subscription: Primarily to access the collaboration platform. Charged monthly or annually.

  • Revenue Share: For the marketplace vendors, HITMKR charges 20% for each transaction if they are not a subscriber. 

Product Demo (5 mins)

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